How to hard-reset the all new Oneplus 3

Oneplus has announced it’s latest flagship and the 2nd successor of it’s superhit smartphone Oneplus one. Oneplus 3 comes packed with Snapdragon 820 chipset and aderno 530 GPU , 4GB/6GB Ram , 64GB/128GB Rom , 16MP rear shooter powered with OIS (optical image stabilization) and a 8MP font shooter. What disappointed its fans was the battery and pricing of the phone at the launch. Later , Ram management issues came out too. Which ultimately invited a good number of trolls for the phone. Even though company has dropped the invite system it was famous for , it hasn’t experienced a blast sales yet.

hard reset one plus 3

I know if you are here ; you are in some trouble with your just-bought flagship , oneplus 3. Running out of memory but don’t know the cause? Ghost memory ? Unwanted cache? Or may be you have forgot your 6*6 pattern screen-lock you enabled for extra security. Or you might be selling your oneplus and don’t want second-hand user to access your data?Or you might be installing a new ROM in your device. Or is it that your FP sensor not responding at all and you have been suggested to factory-reset (or hard reset) your device. Don’t worry you are at the perfect place.Let’s get started without wasting much of your time.

First things first , let me tell you what factory-resetting your device will do. Just as the name goes , once you factory-reset your oneplus , it will be just like a new out of the box (factory new). That does mean you will be losing all of your data and you have to set-up the whole phone again. You don’t have any other option if you have locked up that phone, do you? So , if you are flashing a ROM and you are factory-resetting phone for that ; don’t forget to back your phone and all user-data.

Below is a step-by-step process to do what we have been discussing so far. Yes, the process is exactly the same for both of the variants available for oneplus 3.

  • Force switch off your oneplus 3 by pressing power button for 5-7seconds.
  • Once it is switched off , press and hold power button and volume-up button simultaneously ; and leave the power button as soon as you feel the phone being vibrated ,however continue pressing volume down button until the fastboot screen shows up.
  • Select recovery and you will boot into recovery mode.
  • Once you boot into the recovery mode , you will be able to see many options. Head on and look for Wipe data/factory reset.
  • You can use either volume rockers or directly touch the option to choose that. Next you will be prompted by many ‘No’ and one ‘Yes-Wipe my data’ option.
  • Go ahead and tap that. Wait for 5 seconds and now you can tap ‘reboot system now’ to turn your device on. It might take a little longer time than usual.

That was simple , wasn’t that? If you’re still having trouble performing the factory reset on your One Plus 3, comment below with your issue and we’ll help you out.


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