How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Hard Reset Instructions

  1. Turn off the tablet.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up and Power simultaneously until you see the Samsung logo appear.
  3. As soon as the Samsung logo appears, immediately scroll to Wipe Data / Factory Reset by pressing Volume Down button. Confirm your choice on Wipe Data / Factory Reset by pressing Power button.
  4. Use Volume Down to navigate yourself to “Yes-delete all user data” and reuse Power button to confirm.
  5. Once the Power button is pressed then the tablet will erase all data stored and after completion, press Power button again to reboot the tablet to its original state or initial setup screen.
  6. Congratulations! You have reset your Galaxy Note 8 tablet!

About The Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 is one of the latest series from Samsung in the mobile industry. This latest smartphone will carry the latest design, Infinity Display. This design is also used by Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8+. This type of design yields a ratio of up to 18.5: 9, a ratio that is quite unique and looks elongated.
Like other flagship smartphones, this gadget brings Android Nougat that is enhanced by the Grace UX User Interface. Using 6 GB of RAM combined with Snapdragon 835 Octa Core, makes this device can operate at high speed without “lag”. The amount of RAM and the type of processor that makes this device so special, the graphics processor used is Adreno 540 which ensures all applications can be run without reducing the quality of the original graphics respectively.

The Camera

Dual Camera is the trend of the present and is used by the Galaxy Note 8. The sophisticated device uses two rear cameras with respective resolution of 12 MP, while the front camera used 8 MP resolution. For selfie purposes, of course 8 MP is very reliable. The drawback is the front camera is not equipped with LED Flash. For fairly dark environmental conditions this may be a problem.

The other advantages lie in its new features. To note, this device is not a “regular smartphone”. This device tends to resemble a semi-tablet. The screen used is 6.4 inches which is much larger than common smartphones. Not only the screen size is large enough, the gadget is also equipped with a stylus pen that helps each user to do document editing and also presentation. When we review in terms of durability, Galaxy Note has received IP68 certificate. Any device that obtains IP68 certificate is considered by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the issuer of the certificate, is resistant to “dust invasion” from all sides and can withstand water up to 1 meter depth without any limit of immersion duration.

When we talk about the daily use of smartphones, we cannot avoid the risk of disruption completely. This applies to all brands and all types, including Galaxy Note 8. Sometimes we as users experience interference from too much data and applications that make the device memory sucked. In order to fix this, we should frequently perform a Hard Reset on our mobile device.

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