How To Hard Reset Google Pixel 2

Method 1

  1. Turn off the device by pressing Power button.
  2. Afterwards, press and hold the Volume button for a few seconds and at the same time, press and hold Power key for a few seconds anyway.
  3. Release all buttons.
  4. Use Volume buttons to navigate Recovery Option. Use the Power key to confirm your choice.
  5. When the Android logo appears, press and hold Power key for a few seconds.
  6. At the same time (holding Power key), press Volume Up quickly. Use Volume keys to highlight “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”.
  7. Press Power button to confirm “Yes-delete all user data”.
  8. Select “Reboot system now” and you have just completed the Hard Reset on the device.

Method 2

  • Without the need to turn off the device, select “Settings“.
  • Select “Backup & Reset“.
  • Select “Factory Data Reset” and then “Reset Phone“.
  • Select “Erase Everything” to start Hard Reset.

About The Google Pixel 2

Google again kicked off the world of gadgets with the intention that they will launch Google Pixel 2. This is the successor of Google Pixel released in 2016 ago. Reliable sources say that this latest series will carry the camera with high resolution such as a16 MP for rear camera and 8 MP for front camera. It will also include low-light shooting will also be embedded.

Ram Information

What makes this smartphone awaited by many people is a rumor about the capacity of RAM to be used. According to some sources, 6 GB of RAM will be applied on Pixel 2. The enormous capacity will be combined with the Octa Core Snapdragon 2.5 GHz chip. There are rumors saying that Google is currently testing two types of chips in Pixel 2. Some of the Pixel 2 devices are tested using Snapdragon-made processors and others using Intel’s. There is no certainty which processor will be selected but Google has stopped production of its own homemade processor called SoC Atom because this company wants to focus on Android development.

More Features

Anti-water capabilities allegedly enrich Pixel 2. Today, many new smartphones are aware that sophistication alone is not enough. Resilience is also an important factor and therefore the anti-water feature cannot be underestimated. Pixel 2 is forecast to be sold more expensive than its predecessor series, at least 50 dollars more expensive. Some reputable reviewer sites even mention that there will be a cheap version of Pixel 2 which is only sold in some countries only. The cheap version will be called Google Pixel 2B.

However sophisticated a device, the device is not independent of problems that may occur related to usage. Any applications and incoming data will add to the memory load and possibly also the virus that will ultimately interfere with the performance of the device. Hard Reset is the final solution when you encounter software related problems.

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