How To Hard Reset Galaxy S5

The Samsung launched its much anticipated Galaxy series phone S5 on the 24th February in Barcelona, Spain. The Galaxy S5 is no doubt a classy phone with all the touch of extra smartness from Samsung.

Meanwhile, the phone will make the public appearance on a larger scale on 11th April. The customers are waiting for the phone very eagerly, but, don’t have any second option. I guess, till then we can learn a few things about the phone.

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Here, I’m going to tell you about the ‘Hard Reset’ process. Now, I think that everybody will be waiting to do some experiments with their S5 and once you’re done with all those then, Hard Reset can easily bring back your phone to the purchasing condition.

how to hard reset samsung galaxy s5

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5

There are 2-3 processes by which you can perform Hard Reset for your experimented Galaxy S5.

The Combination Button Method

To hard reset the Galaxy S5 using this method, you must follow the steps mentioned below here.

  • Just turn off the phone once you’ve all the backup of whatever you want.
  • Now, hold and press the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Home’ button with pressing ‘Power’ button till the phone makes any vibration.
  • Release all the buttons once you see the android logo on your screen.
  • Now, select the option of ‘Factory Reset’ with the help of ‘Volume Down’ button and confirm by pressing ‘Power’ button.
  • After confirming you’ll get the final option of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; select ‘Yes’ using the same volume down and power buttons. Once done, just press power button once more to reboot the phone and that’s all.

The Alternative

Now, if your Galaxy S5 has become totally unresponsive to your inputs, then you just simply need to press the ‘Power’ button for approximately 5-8 seconds and the phone will start rebooting automatically.

The Second Alternative

You can choose the simplest method of hard reset while the phone is working all well and you just want it blank again. Here is the step.

Settings>Accounts>Back Up and Reset> Factory Data Reset> Erase Everything.

The above step is for them who’s Galaxy S5 is working and they want it as it was during purchase time.

The Code

If your phone gets locked and you’ve forgotten the pattern or code, then you can use this master code which will hard reset your phone.

The code is ‘*2767*3855#’. After entering the code every bit of your memory will get erased and nothing will be available to recover.

The hard reset is needed only when a bug is irritating and causing the havoc in the phone and the anti-virus is no longer effective. It’s also used after a new smartphone user or the users of a new smartphone are done with the experimenting and learning.

The above mentioned methods will help and guide you while doing the hard reset for your new Samsung Galaxy S5. If you are having any problems in performing hard reset on Galaxy S5, just post in the comments and we’ll try to help you.


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