How To Hard Reset iPhone 8

Method 1

  • Make sure to back up all data via iCloud or iTunes. You should be aware that the Hard Reset process will erase all existing data without exception.
  • From the Menu go to Settings-General-Reset-Erase All Content & Settings. You need to click Erase iPhone to confirm Hard Reset.
  • After Hard Reset is done, do not forget to restore the redirected data (to iCloud or iTunes) back to device.

Method 2

  • As with the first method, backup your data first.
  • Launch iTunes and afterwards, connect device with PC.
  • If prompted, enter pass code.
  • You need to go to iPhone-Summary-Restore iPhone.
  • After clicking “Restore iPhone” you need to confirm the process. The trick is to click Restore button. Once clicked, your device will be reset and restored with the latest iOS version.

About The iPhone 8

Each iPhone release always creates buzz within the tech industry. For iPhone 8, Apple provides three versions of data storage capacity; 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Some Android smartphones provide 4 GB to 6 GB of RAM, but Apple is notoriously powerful in optimizing all applications with available memory capacity so that 3 GB RAM performance on the iPhone will not be outdone by 4 GB or 6 GB RAM performance on Android smartphones.

The Design

The design used is a thin design that makes this device comfortable grip even by wet hands. The water feature used has fulfilled the International Electrotechnical Commission (IP68) certification so that the device can be used in humid, wet, and dusty conditions.

The Interface

The interface used is the latest version; iOS 11, ensuring every application can run very smoothly. There is one new feature that is quite interesting, though this feature is also used by some other flagship smartphones. The feature in question is a wireless charging feature that eliminates electrical charger cables. Features fingerprint certainly also not forgotten by Apple on this new smartphone. Overall, the iPhone 8 is considered very capable of competing with various sophisticated Android smartphones today, such as Google Pixel 2, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, OnePlus 5, and so forth.

Any sophisticated mobile device still cannot be separated completely from various disorders. The disturbances in question vary considerably from the cause. The most common causes are too many apps or even certain applications that tend to “slow down” device performance.┬áHard resets are done if your iPhone continues to crash or bug out.



how to hard reset iphone 8

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