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Hard Reset Now is a blog dedicated to the hard reset process in which you can reset your device to factory settings. We cover all the major devices such as Android, iOS, Windows phone smartphones, laptops, tablets. If you can’t find the tutorial for your device, let us know and we’ll write about it.

What is Hard Reset- When I Need to Do It

Humans are very eager to learn the new things or to do new thing if they’ve bought a new device like a laptop, smartphone, tablet or PC. Sometimes, during the course of performing the new things, many of us make mistakes.

However, these mistakes may lead us to a malfunction but, always amendable to make your device just like it was at the time of purchase. The hard reset removes all the malfunction including all the changes what you’ve made in your device.

The hard reset removes all the downloaded apps from phone/tablet, software from PC/laptop or any other things which are imported from 3rd party.

So, it’s better to take a backup of all the data you want before you go for a hard reset. Here are few things which hard reset does to your phone.

  • It removes all the changes like apps, software, updates etc. since the time of purchase.
  • If you don’t have any backup then you can’t recover the changes at all.
  • It clears all the malfunctioned programs and viruses from your system.

Although, the hard reset is not a mandatory process whenever you’re facing any kind of alien element in your device. The simple anti-virus scanning can do it for you sometimes. Here are a few things or condition when you can choose the hard reset.

  • If you are done with all the changes to your new device then you can choose for that.
  • If a bug is persisting in your device after scanning it many times then you can go for the hard reset.
  • You can choose the hard reset to make the device new, which will improve your processing speed too.
  • You may want to reset your phone if you are selling it.

The hard reset process is not for practicing regularly, so only do it if there is really a need for it. And don’t forget to take a backup if you  don’t want to lose any data.

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