How To Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 930

The famous phone manufacturing company Nokia was at the extinction stage sometimes ago till its flagship Lumia series with windows OS hit the market. The Lumia series just gave the people another option of OS who didn’t want to purchase android and couldn’t buy iOS.

Today, the Lumia series has its own market, which is getting bigger day by day. The latest addition to the Lumia series is Nokia Lumia 930, which could be named as the successor if it’s famous Lumia 920 phone.

But, like every other smartphone the Lumia series has its own list of issues which could lead you to perform the hard reset to bring back the phone to its normal state again. Here below are some methods of hard reset which you can use for your new Lumia 930.

nokia lumia 930 hard reset tutorial

Factory reset guide for Nokia Lumia 930

The Menu

The Nokia is no exception while providing the in-built menu option to perform the hard reset which will bring your phone to the purchase state again. Here below are the steps which will guide you in the process.

The hard reset in Lumia 930 will delete all your data so if you need something again after the hard reset, then don’t forget to take a backup and yeah, please charge your battery more than half to avoid the mid process interruptions.

  • First of all, go to the home screen and swipe your screen to left to get the list of all options.
  • Now browse the list and click on the settings.
  • Under the settings option, click on the about option.
  • Now, tap on reset your phone option at the bottom.
  • Tap yes to the warning popped up.
  • Again, tap yes to the next warning.

The final click on the yes will start the hard reset process and in a few minutes you’ll get your phone as new.

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The Physical Buttons

The physical buttons, i.e. volume keys, camera key and power buttons are used in this method hard reset for the Lumia 930. Though, this method is advised to use only if your phone doesn’t respond to your actions.

Use the following steps to perform this method after taking the backup and charging your phone.

  • Press and hold the volume down, camera and power keys together.
  • Release the power key once the phone vibrates.
  • Keep holding the other two keys for nearly 5-7 seconds more.
  • Release the buttons once the process starts and wait till it gets completed.

The windows phones are definitely good options against the android, BlackBerry and iOS. The trust of Nokia and Microsoft is also here to provide you the best service.

Meanwhile, if you face any issues, then try the above method of hard reset and if your problem doesn’t get solved after that, then reach to customer care immediately.


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