How To Hard Reset Moto G

The Moto G from the Motorola has brought the good old and successful days back to the company. The phone is soaring like a jet and millions of people across the globe are now the pride users of this.

The user loved their phone in every way and some of them with extra curiosity done the experiment with different apps and other things. The result of the experimenting was bad sometimes that either they’ve to undo the change or reset the phone.

Well, if you’re one of those extra curious cases and wondering that how to hard reset your new Moto g, then the guide below will do the needful for you.

hard reset motorola moto g

Hard reset Moto G

There are two methods for performing the hard reset. Here is the 1st one.

The 1st Method

While your phone is working and you wish to remove to every change that you’ve made in it since the time of purchasing it then follow the steps.

  • Select the ‘Menu’ and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Tap on the option with the name ‘Backup and Reset’.
  • Under the above option, choose ‘Factory Data Reset’.
  • Confirm your selection, and in a few minutes you’ll get new old Moto G. I hope you’ve got my point.

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The 2nd Method

The 2nd method is a complex one if compared to the previous method as it involves some buttons to be pressed using the combination. Here below are the steps.

  • First of all switch off your phone and press the volume down button for 2-5 seconds before pressing the power button and then release both of them together.
  • Once the boot screen appears, then choose the recovery option by scrolling the volume down key and confirm it using the volume up key.
  • Now, again use the volume down key to select the wipe data option from the screen and this time use power key to confirm the selection.
  • Once done with the above, now just tap on yes to the next couple of options which will format your phone and reboot it.

After the reboot, you’ll get your Moto G as it was at the time of purchasing and ready for the further experimenting.

The hard reset option mentioned above guarantee the return of your phone with all the changes undone and completely black with no option of data recovery.

If you’re looking forward to do so, then you can choose from the above one and take a backup if you need for the data you want.


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