How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung is now ruling the smartphone world due to its exquisite and extra-smartphones. The company is truly a pioneer for the high end phones in the android market.

The Galaxy series, which features two of its main flagship models, namely S and Note are most famous. The Note 3 which is phablet sized phone has performed very well, except some glitches of getting hanged.

The users who face these hanged phones or bugs attack situation have only one option left which is hard reset. Here below are the methods of performing the hard reset to Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

hard reset samsung galaxy note 3

Resetting Galaxy Note 3

The General Option

This is quite a common method of hard reset for all the smartphones available in the market. Here below is the step-by-step process.

  • Stop whatever you are doing and go to the home screen.
  • Now browse the setting option under the menu and tap on privacy.
  • Select the factory data reset option under the privacy.
  • Select reset phone and then click on erase everything option.
  • Once you’ll confirm the erase everything option, then it’ll take a few minutes to completely wipe your phone data leavening nothing behind.

 The Button

When your Note 3 is not responding to the actions made by you then this is quite a handy method of performing the hard reset process.

  • Press and hold the power + volume up button for nearly 10-15 seconds.
  • Then select the data reset option once the phone gets started and a blue android screen appears.
  • Select the ‘delete all user data’ option using the volume up key and confirm it by pressing the power key.
  • After completion of the process, the system reboot option will appear.
  • Use the power key to confirm the option and start the reboot process.

Now, once the reboot is completed the Note 3 will start automatically with all of your data removed.

The Samsung user often faces the hanging situation because of the tons of features it has provided in its smartphones with comparatively less processing power to handle them.

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You can stay away from the situation by using only required apps on your phone and deleting or hiding the useless ones. Still, if you encounter with the issue, then use the above methods for the hard reset and your phone will become new.


note 3 hard reset

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