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Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy J3

 Samsung Galaxy J3 Hard Reset  From Home Screen search for and click “Apps”. Search Settings then click in the order Settings >Backup >Reset-Factory Data Reset. You need to see some information that will appear later. If the SD card is installed in the device then you can click “Format SD Card” if you want to also

How To Hard Reset iPhone 8

Method 1 Make sure to back up all data via iCloud or iTunes. You should be aware that the Hard Reset process will erase all existing data without exception. From the Menu go to Settings-General-Reset-Erase All Content & Settings. You need to click Erase iPhone to confirm Hard Reset. After Hard Reset is done, do

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Hard Reset Instructions Turn off the tablet. Press and hold Volume Up and Power simultaneously until you see the Samsung logo appear. As soon as the Samsung logo appears, immediately scroll to Wipe Data / Factory Reset by pressing Volume Down button. Confirm your choice on Wipe Data / Factory Reset by pressing Power button.

How To Hard Reset Google Pixel 2

Method 1 Turn off the device by pressing Power button. Afterwards, press and hold the Volume button for a few seconds and at the same time, press and hold Power key for a few seconds anyway. Release all buttons. Use Volume buttons to navigate Recovery Option. Use the Power key to confirm your choice. When

How To Hard Reset One Plus 5

There are two ways to hard / factory reset the OnePlus 5: Method 1 Press Power Key to turn off device. Press and hold two buttons simultaneously, namely Volume Down and Power Button. Hold them for a few seconds until you see the OnePlus icon “Never Settle”. When the icon appears, release both buttons. You will

How to Hard Reset Nokia 3

Nokia 3 is a relaunch mobile phone that uses the Android operating system. They have completely left Windows. Nokia 3 is Nokia’s answer to the needs of middle to low-end consumers. With a metal coating on the body made from polycarbonate, this phone is suppose to look high end with a low end price. Powered by SOC

How to do Hard Reset on Nokia 6

Hard Reset Instructions Before doing this process, make sure you have issued a micro slot with important data in it. Turn the device off and on again. Press and hold three buttons simultaneously; Volume Up + Home button + Power button. Hold them until you see the Android logo appearing. Select Wipe Data / Factory

How To Hard Reset Nokia 5

Method 1 Turn the device off and on again by pressing Volume Down and Power Key for a few seconds. When the Android logo appears then release the Power key but still hold Volume Down until you see Boot Mode. Use Volume buttons to navigate menus. Select Recovery and as always, use the Power key

How to do Soft Reset and Hard Reset on HTC U11

HTC U11 is one of the flagship smartphone whose presence was predicted to shake the dominance of iPhone and Samsung in East Asian market. With the codename Ocean, this sophisticated mobile phone is presented in a unibody form. Using aluminum as the main body material makes this phone lightweight as well as powerful. This product

Three Ways To Hard Reset Sony Xperia XZ FZ833

The presence of Sony Xperia XZ Premium rocked the Android market, especially the market in Asia. This phone was even crowned as the best at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 event by GSMA. For information, GSMA is an entity or organization that accommodates all mobile companies. This organization regularly conducts MWC events every year. This