How to hard reset ZTE Android smartphones

ZTE has launched a wide range of android smartphones in the market. The very first advantage of Android smartphones is you can do a lot of customization on smartphones which are running on Android operating systems, in fact Android is the best mobile operating system of the world. The ZTE smartphones which come with less space or moderate hardware specifications can have lag issues or hanging issues. If you are having less space in the internal storage then they might also lead to lag issues on your ZTE Android smartphones.

hard reset zte android phones

Hard reset process

If excess cache memory of the apps present in your ZTE smartphones is also there it might also be one of the reasons leading to excessive lags on your Android device. What can you do at this point? You can perform a hard reset or factory reset which will bring the factory settings on your Alcatel smartphone. All your data, app settings will get removed but if you are facing software issues they will get easily resolved. There are different methods which can be followed for doing hard reset on ZTE smartphones and we will share these methods with you. Make sure you create backup of your Android smartphone before you follow this procedure. The steps will apply for all ZTE smartphones.

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From Settings Menu

  1. Go to the home screen of your device and open Settings app.
  2. Once in settings go to Privacy. Select Factory Reset data option.
  3. After that Select Reset phone option. If you have set a password you need to enter a password.
  4. Tap on Erase Everything and all data will be erased on your ZTE smartphone.

From Recovery Menu

  1. Switch off your ZTE smartphone.
  2. Press and hold both the Volume Up and down button. With both these buttons hold together press the Power button once but keep pressing the Volume up and down buttons together.
  3. Your phone will start with a menu on the screen.
  4. Go to Recovery option by using the Volume down button.
  5. Use the Volume up button for making a selection. If it doesn’t work you can press Power button.
  6. Once you see Yellow Android Logo press both the Volume up and down buttons together.
  7. Now navigate to wipe data/factory reset option and confirm the selection by pressing Power button.
  8. Go to Yes option by using the Volume keys and Power button for making the selection.

The hard reset process will be started on your ZTE Android smartphone. Once the process is completed you will see setup screen on the screen of your Android device. Enter the details and you will see the home screen of your ZTE Android device.

From phones dialer

There is one more method which you can follow to hard reset your ZTE android smartphone. Go to the dialer of your Android device and enter *2767*3855# which will open menu for factory reset on your ZTE smartphone.



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