Xiaomi Piston 3 earphone offers best of the quality

Xiaomi has launched some of the best smartphones and tablets. The Chinese giant has also took its step in mobile phone accessories with the Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphones. The company has launched different kinds of piston earphones and the latest Piston earphones which are available for mobile phones are Xiaomi Piston 3. If you are using an iPhone or android device or even a portable MP3 player, you will be able to use the Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones. If you want earphones for your laptop too, then also you can use the Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones.

xiaomi pitson earphone

The earphones deliver amazing sound. Xiaomi Piston 3 has received the Reddot award 2015 in Germany. The earphones are composed of metal which helps in delivering amazing sound. As Piston 3 is the third generation of Xiaomi headphones, many improvements were done in this version of earphones.

Piston 3 come with a better balanced damping system. The new damping system in the Xiaomi Piston 3 helps in delivering pure sound with real thump and bass to the ears. You will get the best audio quality with these earphones. The Piston 3 are also noise cancelling headphones which will allow you to enjoy true music. The spiral pipe design of these earphones allow best bass performance optimization.

Xiaomi Pistons are supported by all Android and iOS devices, however there are some features which one won’t be able to use on iOS and Android operating systems. You can buy these earphones on Gearbest with free shipping. The regular price of these earphones is $51.17, however you can get them under a limited period discount only for $14.75.

Not only can you use these earphones while listening to music but also while you are attending calls. The need of Bluetooth is gone with the Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones. With very low distortion, one will be able to get superior call quality out of these earphones. A lot of earphones, which are manufactured by other companies, start fading their color. This is not the case with the Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones, as they are made up of brushed aluminum and are anodized. Even if these earphones get in contact with water, they won’t get damaged as they are corrosion resistant and the color won’t fade away that easy.

We know that different people have different ear bud size. The Xiaomi Piston 3 comes with three different ear buds pairs. You can select the one as per your need and use on the earphones. The ear buds are made up of silicon which ensures that the listener is having all the comfort possible. If you are using these earphones on your Xiaomi MIUI device, you will be able to use the volume control function. The function will allow you to easily control the volume, however you need MIUI software running on your device to use this feature.

Let us know if you liked these earphones or not. Share your reviews using the comments section below. You can also buy iPhone 6S earphones on Gearbest.com

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