How to Hard Reset Xiaomi MI3

The latest Chinese product which has made even the big fishes of the company think about their strategy is Xiaomi. It’s famous as the Apple of China and has down the sales of world giant by a huge margin in its home country. And now, it’s rolling out in the world to conquer the market of their local companies at least.

It’s not the typical Chinese product with no guarantee and warranty, but its a classy piece of engineering with all the features you want in it. However, being a machine, it could see a down day with its processing or app after the longer use of the phone. Now, at that time, you may need to perform the hard reset on your Xiaomi MI3 and here below are some methods of it.

hard reset process for xiaomi mi3

Mi3 hard reset process

Menu Hard Reset Option

This option is available in every smartphone of the world and the Xiaomi is not different from others. Now, here below are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the home screen and tap settings.
  • Choose general setting and then select backup and reset.
  • Now, click on factory data reset option.
  • Select the data you want to delete, that is downloaded apps and saved content.
  • Tap reset phone after final set up and then click on erase.

The process will take a few minutes before you can use your glitch free Xiaomi MI3.

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Physical Button Method

Here below are the steps you need to follow while using the physical buttons to perform a hard reset on your phone.

  • Switch off the phone and press combination of power and volume up buttons.
  • Release the buttons, after you enter into the recovery mode
  • Choose wipe all data option and then select yes to start the process.

Again, it’ll be only a few minutes before you can use your phone after omitting the issues with it. However, do not forget to keep the below two things in mind before starting the process.

  • Charge your battery at least half so complete the process at one go.
  • Keep all your data backed up as it can’t be recovered.


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