How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z1

Sony phones are the best device when you’re looking for a camera that give the feeling of almost a professional camera click while clicking the sweet time memories of yours.

The flagship Xperia series of Sony is one of the best under the android niche. Though, on the software working and smooth interface front, the Sony does have some flaws in it. The Xperia Z1 is one of that phones which may face these issues.

The major flaws are of slow processing speed and virus attack, but these can be cured by using the anti-virus software. Still, if the problems persist, then you can try a hard reset for your Xperia Z1. The following are the methods.

hard reset guide for xperia z1

Menu Hard Reset

This method is the most common for all the smartphones irrespective of their OS. Here below are the steps to complete this method.

  • Close all the work you’re doing and go to the home screen.
  • Find Settings on the home screen and tap on it.
  • Choose backup and reset from the settings.
  • Select factory data reset option from the backup and reset.
  • Click on the reset phone after that.
  • Now, tap once last time on the erase everything option.

The final click will start the hard reset process which will take a few minutes before returning you the new Xperia Z1.

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Hardware Key hard Reset

The hardware key hard reset method is useful when your Xperia Z1 is in the frozen or unresponsive state. Here below are the steps.

  • Switch off your Xperia Z1.
  • Press and hold the power + volume up button together.
  • Use volume keys to make the further selection to wipe data/factory reset.
  • Press power to confirm the selected option.

Once you’ve clicked the power button final time, the process of hard reset will take place and all your data including the changes will get undone.

But, before starting the hard reset process, just make sure that the phone is at least half charged and you’ve all the backup of the data you want again after the hard reset gets completed.

Physical Button

Sony Xperia Z1 also has a physical button only for the hard reset as well. To use that button, you need to remove your memory card and there you’ll find a red button.

Click and hold that button for 3-5 seconds with the hell of a pen point something like that and that’ all.

Sony phones are doing well in the market because of their performance of course, but things could go wrong any day. The above hard reset methods will make sure that you don’t find any need to take your phone at the service center while you can solve the problem at home.


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