How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia M2

The Sony has announced its latest Xperia M2 smartphone to stiffer the competition in the market. The Sony is coming fast along the way to disturb the success chances of the like of Samsung, Apple, Nokia and HTC.

The quality smartphones from Sony have exceptional camera and are none less than the others in terms of specifications and features. Still, the drawback of security breach and hanging hovers on it. The hard reset is needed to be performed once in a few months to keep the phone bug free and speedy.

reset guide for sony xperia m2

Resetting Sony Xperia M2

Here below are some methods of hard reset you can perform for your Sony Xperia M2.

In-Built Menu

The In-Built menu settings option is the best and easiest way of performing the hard reset on your Sony Xperia M2. Here below are the steps which are needed to be followed by you to do the same.

  • Charge your phone and backup your data before starting the process.
  • Go to the home screen and click on settings.
  • Choose Backup and Reset under the settings option.
  • Click on the factory data reset option.
  • Now, choose reset phone and then click on the option ‘erase everything’.

The final click will start the hard reset process and will take a few minutes for completion before you can use your renewed Xperia M2.

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Hardware Option

This option is advised to use only when your Xperia M2 becomes unresponsive to your action. It uses the hardware buttons available on your Xperia M2.

  • While using this method, just make sure that your phone is charged enough to stay throughout the process.
  • Now, switch off your phone and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons together.
  • Once the recovery screen appears in from you then release the buttons.
  • Make the selections for the hard reset using the volume keys.
  • Confirm your selection by pressing the power key.

After the final selection, the process will start and will take a few minutes before the completion.

The Xperia is a famous flagship series of the brand Sony with some serious effectiveness. The cameras are the best in market with decent battery backup too.

Also, the Xperia phones like M2, Z2 and others are good in specification too. If you’re an Xperia M2 user and find any difficulty in processing or viruses, then the above methods of hard reset will do the needful for you.


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