How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia E1

The Sony’s flagship Xperia series has some seriously good gadgets to talk about like Xperia J, M, E1, Z2 and many more. These phones have pleased the users with their butter like interface, fast interface and feature.

One of the phones which have carved a different niche for itself amidst the presence of other smartphones is Sony Xperia E1. Though the regular use without caring about the phone’s maintenance much can make it this phone go in the frozen state often or slow processing speed with glitches in the interface.

Now, to overcome these issues, you may require to hard reset your Xperia E1 and here below are some methods of it.

hard reset sony xperia e1

Xperia E1 reset process:

Settings Hard Reset

This universal method of hard reset is followed by the below steps while opting it for your Xperia E1.

  • Go to the home screen and click on the All Apps section.
  • Find settings and tap on it under All Apps.
  • Now, tap on personal menu, followed by backup and reset.
  • Find Personal data under the above option and click on it.
  • Choose factory data reset and then press reset phone option.
  • Finally, the click on the erase everything option will start the process.

Once the process gets going, it may take a few minutes before you can use your Xperia E1 again.

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Hard Reset Using the Sony PC Companion

You need your laptop or PC along with the original USB cable of your Xperia E1. If you’ve got all the above things with you, then here below are the steps.

  • Download and install the Sony PC companion software on your PC.
  • Open it and click on the option of Support Zone and then tap on start.
  • Again, click on the start under the Phone Software Update option.
  • Choose Repair My Phone option after the above step.
  • Select your phone model, that is, Xperia E1, if available, or else choose Another Phone and click on the Next and then on Continue.
  • Again, click on the desired option till the option to connect your phone pops up on your screen.
  • Now, connect your Xperia E1 using the original data cable and after switching it off.
  • Also, don’t forget to press and hold the volume up button till the reload process starts.

Just wait for around 30-40 minutes till the process gets completed and once it’s done, then you can use your fast and smooth Xperia E1 again.

When you choose to hard reset your Xperia E1, don’t forget to keep the backup of your data and battery with at least 50% power irrespective of the method of the hard reset you choose.

Any of the above methods will do the needful for you and I’m sure that you’ll get over all your issues you’re facing with your Sony Xperia E1.


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