How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

The Samsung now apparently has more galaxies than the universe with its never ending Galaxy series of smartphones. The Galaxy curve, grand, S, Note, Star and many other hot smartphones are available under this flagship series.

The Galaxy Grand and Grand 2 were the hit among the users because of their stylish looks, features, camera and processing speed. The Grand 2 was more anticipated as a successor of Grand with more efficient features.

But, sometimes you may require performing hard reset for your phone may be when want to get rid of a non-removable bug or want to improve the processing speed. Well, here below are some methods of the same.

hard reset samsung galaxy grand 2

Resetting Galaxy Grand 2

Physical Button Option

This method comes handy when your Grand 2 become unresponsive to your clicks. The below steps will lead you in the process.

  • Turn off the phone before pressing and holding the Volume Up + Power button.
  • Release the buttons once you see the Samsung recovery screen.
  • Make the selection of the option factory reset with volume keys and confirm it by pressing the power key.
  • Again, use the volume keys to select yes and then delete all user data option before pressing power to confirm.
  • Once the process is complete, reboot the device and this is it.

Code Hard Reset

This method could be useful in the case when you don’t remember your lock code or security pattern. Here below is the one step process to perform the hard reset.

Just enter the code “*2767*3855#” instead of your security code or pattern and your Grand 2 will get the hard reset done automatically before the reboot. You can enjoy your blank phone again after the reboot is completed.

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Common Hard Reset                                                                                                              

This is the method which is available for almost all the smartphones in the market for the hard reset. Here below is the description.

  • Close the apps you’re working upon and go to the home screen.
  • Tap setting and click on the backup and reset option.
  • Now, click on factory data reset and that’s all.

It’ll take a few minutes to complete the process and once it’s done, then you can use your new Grand 2.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is surely a handy device to use and if you’re facing any of the issues regarding the bug removing or slow processing speed, then I guesses it’s the time to hard reset your phone and you can trust the above methods blindly.

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