How to hard reset Micromax Canvas 4

Micromax Canvas 4 is a great smartphone which is launched by Micromax. The device was launched in 2013. Canvas 4 is the fourth smartphone which was added by Micromax in the Canvas series and came with a lot of improvements and features as compared to the earlier versions of the smartphone. Canvas 4 comes with a 5.0-inch display screen which delivers resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels. The display of Micromax Canvas 4 is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection which will help the device from any possible scratches which may occur in the near future on your device.

Under the hood of Micromax Canvas 4 you will get a 1.2 Ghz quad core Cortex A7 processor and 1 GB Ram. The combo of the processor and hardware is great and will deliver great performance on the device. The device come with Android Jelly Bean as the operating system which will give you access to thousands of free apps and games in the Google Play Store.

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There might be times when you start having lag issues on your Micromax Canvas 4. The issue might be because of some apps which you have installed on your device which might be leading to these issues or excessive data in the internal memory. Even after deleting apps you are not able to resolve the lag issues or other problems which you are experiencing on your Micromax Canvas 4 you can simply hard reset your device. There are two types of reset options which you will find in all Android devices including Micromax Canvas 4 which are Hard Reset and Factory Reset.

hard reset micromax canvas 4

If you will perform factory reset on your device, the data which is present in your SD card will be safe and only the settings will be deleted thus your phone will reach the reset level. In hard reset not only settings are deleted on your device but all the data is also removed. Once you have performed hard reset you will get out of the box device with no data.

Factory reset Micromax Canvas 4

It is very easy to hard reset Micromax Canvas 4 and you can follow the steps shared below if you want to hard reset your Micromax Canvas 4. Make sure you create backup of your data before performing the reset as all data is going to be deleted.

  1. Switch off your Micromax Canvas 4.
  2. Once your device is switched off, turn it on by holding combination of Power + Volume Down + Power Up button.
  3. You will enter the recovery mode of your Micromax Canvas 4.
  4. Use the Volume Up key to go to Recovery mode. Once you are on recovery mode you will see many options in front you. In Recovery mode use the volume up and down keys for navigation and Power key for making a selection.
  5. Navigate to wipe data/factory resetusing the Volume buttons and select it by tapping on Power button.
  6. It will take some minutes to hard reset your device and once done, reboot your device.

You have successfully performed Hard Reset on Micromax Canvas 4.

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