How to Hard Reset Lava Phones

Smartphone world is growing like the population nowadays and everyone wants to hold one of it as they really are worth of money. These hand-fit gadgets are the most powerful as they virtually can perform everything you ask for, for example, paying your bills, entertainment, information update, shopping and much more.

Now, to meet the demands of the customers, there are hundreds of local and international companies which are trying to sell their product to you. One of those public appreciated company is Lava.

The Lava offers android phones with all the features that are apparently for the big guns like Samsung and HTC, but at a lower price. People love Lava phones because they have the access to all the features and performance without paying much. But, the difference this price gap cause is the substantial, though not exclusive.

Like every other smartphone, either branded or local, Lava android smartphones too get freeze and jammed or become slower in processing due to a bug and at that time you must hard reset your phone as it’s the last option left. So, if you’re facing such an issue with your phone, here is a method to perform a hard reset.

hard reset lava phones

Lava Android phones hard reset guide

Hard Reset Lava Smartphones

Here are a few steps you need to follow while performing a hard reset on your Lava smartphone.

  • Switch on the phone and connect it to your PC or laptop.
  • Download ‘android multi tool and drivers’.
  • Open and run the drivers as per the instruction popping up on the screen.
  • Now, open the driver and press the key ‘5’.
  • Once done, hit ‘Enter’ and select the ‘wipe data / factory reset’ option.
  • After your hard reset is over, the phone will start automatically and that’s all.

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However, you must keep the below things in mind while going to perform a hard reset on your phone.

  • Keep a back up of your data as once the hard reset is done, nothing can be recovered.
  • Make sure that your phone’s battery level is at 50% to avoid any mid-process interruptions.

Now, I guess you are ready to perform a hard reset on your Lava smartphone, whenever required. If still you’ve got any sort of doubt, please do let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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