How to hard reset HTC Desire 610

The Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is known for its excellence in producing the best touch screen phone in the market. The recent launch of its famous Desire series phones like 610, 810 and others are becoming a hit in the market. The Desire 610 in particular is a publicly anticipated phone.

how to hard reset htc desire 610

But, like every other smartphone, this Desire 610 also has access to bugs or getting freeze after the long continues use. Now, user needs to perform the hard reset and here below are the methods of performing the hard reset on your HTC Desire 610.


The Menu Hard Reset

Every smartphone in the market has the in-built method of the hard reset in it and here below are the steps of the doing it in Desire 610.

  • Close every task and go to the home screen.
  • Tap menu and go to settings.
  • Find backup and reset in settings and click on it.
  • Tap on reset phone.
  • Now, click on Erase all data.

The final tap will start the process and within a few minutes, you’ll be able to use your Desire 610 without any glitches.

The Hardware Button Hard Reset

Apart from the menu hard reset, the users can also perform a hard reset on their phone with hardware keys too. Here below are the steps of the method.

  • Press and hold the volume down button, before pressing and holding down the power button.
  • Keep the buttons pressed until you see the android logo screen and then release the buttons.
  • Now use the volume keys to navigate and power button to confirm the factory reset option.

The final power key confirmation will start the process and will take a few minutes to get completed. However, you must take care of the below thing before performing the hard reset.

  • Do charge the battery up to the 50% to complete the process in one go.
  • Also, take the backup of all the data you want as after the hard reset, nothing will get recover.

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As long as you’ll take care of the two things, the process will be smooth and you’ll be able to use your phone without any glitches very soon.


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