How to Hard Reset HTC Desire 310

The HTC is a company which has some best smartphones under the android niche. The latest launch One New (M8) is also getting the warm response from the people as well.

The HTC phone users never complained about anything while using the device except for the camera. Still, there could be some times when you might feel that your HTC phones is getting slow or a problem is persisting with it despite the regular clean up.

One of its devices which is getting people’s attention is HTC Desire 816 as it has everything which a user want it his smartphone. If you face any of the above issues with it, then you can simply perform a hard reset by the following methods.

how to reset htc desire 310

HTC Desire 310 reset guide

Setting Hard Reset

This is the most common practiced method while performing a hard reset of your phone. The method uses the menu options to perform a hard reset. Here below are the steps.

  • Stop all the work, close all the apps and go to the home screen.
  • Find settings and tap on the backup and reset option.
  • Now, click on the factory data reset option under the backup and reset.
  • Click on reset phone in the next menu and then on erase everything.

The final click will start the hard reset process for your HTC desire 310 and it’ll be completed in the next few minutes.

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Hardware Buttons

If your HTC Desire 310 gets frozen or unresponsive, then only this method should be used or else use the above one. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • Remove the battery and put it gain at its place after a few seconds.
  • Now, press and hold the volume up and then power keys together.
  • After the android logo appears on your screen, release both the keys.
  • Now, press the power key to enter into the recovery mode.
  • Use the volume down key to select the factory reset option and press volume up key to confirm.
  • Again, press volume down key to select “yes – erase all data” and press volume up key to confirm.
  • After you see the message that your Desire 310 has been wiped, again remove the battery and re-insert it after a few seconds and that’s all.

While performing the hard reset, just make sure that you have a backup of needed data once the process is completed and your battery is able to provide you at least 50% back up.

The HTC phones never gets major issues while working, still the above hard reset processes mentioned above will solve your problems, which you’re facing with your Desire 310 for quite some time.


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