How To Hard Reset HP Slate 7

The big sized phones were started bringing a new trend under the smartphone era just at the beginning of last year and from that time it has seen been thriving only.

Many companies which are not actually smartphone manufacturing emerged into this segment as the tablets were the creating the potential threat to their laptops and other gadgets.

One of such device was Slate 7 from the computer manufacturer HP. The Slate 7 was a good device with catching features, but after a few months of regular use, it becomes slow or even gets frozen. The very same problem to which you’re quite familiar I guess.

Now, as you know that to make the Slate 7 work fast again, you need to perform a hard reset or it is required to hard reset the device if you’re thinking to sell it.

hp slate 7 hard reset guide

So, here below are methods of hard reset for your Slate 7.

User Interface Hard Reset

This method is actually a menu hard reset in which you need to use in-built menu options to perform the hard reset. Here below are the steps.

  • Go to the home screen and tap of settings icon.
  • Find personal section and click on it.
  • Now, click on the backup and reset under the above option.
  • After that, tap on factory data reset and then reset tablet option.
  • Provide the password, if any, in this step and click on erase everything.

The final confirmation on erase everything option will start the hard reset process and in a few minutes your Slate 7 tablet will get completely wiped.

Physical keys Hard Reset

This method should be used only when your device is not working or is in a frozen state. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • First of all, switch of the Slate 7
  • Press and hold volume up, volume down and power buttons together.
  • Release all the buttons once the HP logo screen appears and after that you’ll enter into recovery mode.
  • Use volume keys to select the factory reset option and press power key to confirm the selection.
  • Again, use the same combination of keys as of above till the final confirmation.
  • The hard reset process will start after the final confirmation and will get completed in a few minutes.

While using any of the above methods, just make sure that the battery of Slate 7 is at least 50% charged and you have the backup of all the data you want after the reset.

The above hard reset process will resolve your all issues which are persisting for a long time like slow processing, dizzy user interface, permanent bugs and others.

Once you’ll perform the hard reset, your Slate 7 will be as like as it was at the time of purchasing.


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