How To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi6 Phone

About The Xiaomi Mi6 Phone

Xiaomi Mi6 is one of Xiaomi’s latest smart phones. There was a lot of hype behind this phone  and it was officially launched on April 19, 2017 in Beijing China. As a flagship, this phone has an exclusive design that is truly unique. The design that carried by this phone really distinguishes it with other Xiaomi series. The Chinese manufacturer says that every body of the Xiaomi Mi6 is made with great detail and also passes through 40 different processes. The duration of manufacturing from the phone body takes no less than 12 days. There are several new features that are presented on this phone, one of which is a splash resistant feature that can protect the condition of the phone when exposed to water. This article will discuss about how to do a hard reset or factory reset on the Xiaomi Mi6 phone. The process will allow you to reset the phone to default factory settings.

There are at least two kinds of approaches that we can use to run the hard reset process against Xiaomi Mi6. Make sure to back up your phone data before doing the factory reset. If you are sure that all important data has been transferred to a safe place then you can continue this reset process.

First Way To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi5 Phone

This is the most widely used method so far. You must first remove the memory card. You also need to make sure your phone is on. Never turn off your phone unless you’re really ready to start the process. Turn off your phone by pressing the power button for a few seconds and pressing “off”.

– After the phone is in a state of inactive then press the power button back together with the Volume button.
– You will feel a small vibration and then you have to release the power button. Perform the navigation process by using the Volume button.
– You will see a menu and when you see it then choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset. How to select it is by running the navigation process using the Volume button.
– You will find the question whether you will actually continue the reset process. Select “YES”.
– You will see the link “Reboot Now”. Click on the link then you will start the reboot process.
– The reboot process will be automatically done when the Hard Reset process has been completed.

Second Way To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi5 Phone

This is an alternative way to perform a Hard Reset process of this advanced phone. This method is considered more practical because it takes a shorter time. This way you do not need to switch off your phone, as you can reset while your phone is on.

– Under active conditions, choose “Settings”.
– In “Settings” you will find the “Backup & Reset” option.
– Click the “Reset” option and select “Reset Device”.
– The last step is to click “Erase Everything”.

Just like in Method 1, the reboot process will run automatically once the Hard Reset process is complete.

We hope this article can be useful to you owner of Xiaomi Mi6.

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