How to Hard Reset Google Pixel Phone?

In today’s world of connectivity, mobile phone plays a vital role in our lives and keeps us connected with this world at all times. It is no more just a device to speak to people at far off distances but also a knowledge hub and a source to get us connected to every information across the world. It entertains us, helps us store beautiful memories of our life among the many other functions that the device performs. But imagine if you are facing trouble with your Pixel Phone or simply want to reset your phone to factory settings? Whatever the reasons be, the tutorial below is a step by step guideline in helping you reset your phone.

hard reset google pixel phone

Even before you begin with this exercise here is a word of caution- “All data on your phone shall get erased once a factory reset is performed on your device”.

Facts about Reset: Factory reset is also alternatively called “Hard Reset”.

Some key functions to be performed before you Hard Set your Pixel Phone

Step 1: Be aware of both your Google Username and Password for your device
Step 2: It is wise to back up all data on your device before you start to reset your device
Step 3: Make sure your device is plugged to a power source
Step 4: While the entire operation is being performed, ensure that you have uninterrupted Internet Connection

Once these key functions have been performed, you are now ready to hard reset your device.

Steps to Hard reset your device

In order to complete the reset in fewest steps and get best results, it would be wise to use the Settings app to Hard Reset the device.

Step 1: Open the Pixel phone’s Settings app
Step 2: Once you at the app, click on “Personal”, thereafter tap the “Backup and Reset” option.
Step 3: Now tap either “Reset Tablet” or “Factory data reset” or simply “Reset phone”.
Step 4: In case there is a screen lock on your device, then enter either your pattern, password or PIN as applicable to your device.
Step 5: Once prompted, tap the “Erase everything” to erase the data on your device’s internal storage.
Step 6: After erasing all data on the device, select the “Reboot” option.
Step 7: Once the reboot has been completed on your device, you can now restore data on the Pixel phone.

According to Google, here is another quick and alternative way of resetting your device. Suppose, you experience problems with your frozen device or your Google Pixel becomes completely unresponsive, follow this simple step to bring it back to working order.

While, this operation is quite similar to most other device, it actually requires pushing only one button instead of two.

“Simply press and hold the device’s Power Button(at the right edge) approximately for 10 seconds or till your device power cycles”. On occasions that problems do surface, a quick reboot or “hard reset”, is quite handy. However, this step is unlikely to erase any data or information on your device or even cause any harm

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