How To Hard Reset BlackBerry Q10

The BlackBerry smartphones are best known for the utmost security and privacy of the user’s data. It’s almost impossible to retrieve the data from the BlackBerry’s server once it’s wiped out.

All the BlackBerry smartphones has the same quality to protect the data. And, the popular Q10 is no exception. If sometimes you find a need to delete the data from your phone due to bugs or re-selling purpose, you just need to perform a hard reset on your phone and here below are the steps.

hard resetting balckberry q10

How to reset Blackberry Q10

Hard Reset on BlackBerry Q10

  • Go to the home screen after closing all the process on which you’re working.
  • Pull down your status bar menu.
  • Find and select the settings option in it.
  • Choose the option of security and privacy.
  • Now, select security wipe option to continue.
  • Enter the word ‘balckberry’ in the code field.
  • Select delete data option to begin the process.

Click on the final option will start your process and within minutes of starting the Q10 will be wiped throughout.

This is the only method available for the proper hard reset of your BB Q10. However, there in one more less popular method of the hard reset.

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Alternative Hard Reset

  • Download the latest version of latest BlackBerry link your PC or laptop.
  • Open the link and connect your Q10 via original USB cable.
  • Tap on settings option.
  • Choose Reload Device Software and select Reload.
  • Follow up with the prompted options to complete the process.
  • Once done, disconnect your BlackBerry Q10.

There are very less chances of getting hit by a virus or glitch on your Q10, but if it does you can use any of the above hard reset method to solve your issue. Also, don’t forget the below two things while performing a hard reset.

  • Charge your Q10 more than 50% prior to the process.
  • Do keep a backup of all the data you want after the hard reset is done.

Not following any of the above could land you in unwanted situations and I guess any of us don’t want to part of those issues.


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