How To Hard Reset Apple iPad Mini

The Apple is known to produce the best smart devices like iPhone, iPad and iPods. These are liked by users so much because of their security, bug free nature and ease of use.

The tablets series of Apple is known as iPad which are bigger in size and have very high position in the market. The latest iPad mini is one of the famous products from the company.

The Apple, however is the best device available in the market, but it also has its day on which it can become unresponsive or slow. In that condition you may need to hard reset your phone which could be done by the following methods.

hard reset guide for apple ipad mini tablet

How to reset iPad Mini

The Menu Hard Reset

This universal option is the best to practice because of ease and understandings. All you need to do is just tapping a few options on the screen. The below steps will let you know all about this method.

  • First of all, go to the home screen and tap on settings.
  • Under the settings option, tap on the general option.
  • Now, under this tap on the Reset.
  • Now, select erase all data and settings.
  • Tap on yes to confirm your selection.

The final confirmation from you will start the hard reset process and in a few minutes your Apple iPad mini will be bug free and fast like before.

Keep one thing in mind, that this hard reset will delete all your data and other things so it’s better to take a backup if you want something after the hard reset. Also, don’t forget to charge your phone at least half to avoid the interruptions.

Hardware Button Reset

This method of hard reset is advised to use when your iPad mini becomes frozen or unresponsive to your taps on the options. Here below are the steps to give you the elaborated approach.

  • Press the sleep and home buttons together.
  • Hold the buttons till the screen goes black.
  • After the Apple logo appears, release the buttons.

The device will reboot automatically and within few minutes you can use your fresh iPad mini.

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The Apple devices are best in the market and no other company has the touch of it in terms of security, interface and ease.

However, sometimes the things can go wrong and to overcome those issues, you can use the hard reset methods described above.


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