How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

This tutorial will guide you to hard reset or soft reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (aka Galaxy Tab 4 T531) to factory settings.

The Samsung has some best smartphones under every category like small sized, phablet and the tablet. The smartphones from Samsung have a large user base across the globe because of their performance, features and price of comparatively low price as well.

The market dominating selling strategy has played a vital part too in the success of the brand. The latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 is very much on the radar of the user nowadays. The Tab 10.1 is a full sized phone which allows you to perform every task that a laptop can do for you.

But, the overuse issues or the experimenting with apps and features could hang your phone or decrease its working power. To overcome that issue, hard reset is the only option left. Here below are two methods which can be used for the hard reset of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (2014 version too).

hard reset samsung galaxy tab 10

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Much Used Method

This method is preferred for the hard reset in most of the smartphones today. The reason behind the use of this method is its ease only. Here below are the steps.

  • Close every app and tabs and go to the home screen.
  • Choose the settings and click on privacy.
  • Under the privacy click on the factory data reset option.
  • Tap on reset tablet and select erase everything then.
  • Once you’ll confirm the above option, the tab will take a few minutes to return you your blank tab 10.1.

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The Other Option

While your tab 10.1 is not responding to your action like clicking on buttons, then this method comes into play. Here below are the steps.

  • Switch off the tab 10.1 and press volume up key and hold it.
  • Then, press power key and release both the buttons till the Samsung logo appears.
  • Use the volume up key to select the android icon.
  • Now make the selection of the recovery console option and confirm it by pressing the power key.
  • Again, select wipe data option and then yes using the volume up key and confirm by pressing the power key.
  • Once the process is completed in a few minutes, then you can reboot the system by using volume control and power keys.

The above two methods will completely reset your phone and will return you a new one by removing all the apps and changes like downloaded apps, contacts, texts and everything else.

If you want any of the data back then don’t forget to take a backup in an external device like a flash drive or a CD.


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