How to Hard Reset Nexus 5

The Google’s flagship Nexus series is quite a popular entity in the smartphone world. The Nexus phones are best among the android phones because of the camera, processor, latest android version and many more features. The Nexus 5 is such a phone which is a hit in the market and a best one, but for

How to Hard Reset LG G Flex

The LG G Flex was a good launch form the company under the phablet series phones. The big sized G flex was much in the news because of its unconventional curved display. The two features of this phablet, which were its display and the awesome battery backup just made sure that it should become a

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

The Samsung now apparently has more galaxies than the universe with its never ending Galaxy series of smartphones. The Galaxy curve, grand, S, Note, Star and many other hot smartphones are available under this flagship series. The Galaxy Grand and Grand 2 were the hit among the users because of their stylish looks, features, camera

How To Hard Reset New HTC One (M8)

The HTC is a very well known brand name in smartphone world which has produced some best of class phones.  The HTC phones are known as the best touch phones available on the planet Earth. Smartphones like HTC Desire, Wildfire, One and many more just amazed the customers with their technology and features. The latest

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

This tutorial will guide you to hard reset or soft reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (aka Galaxy Tab 4 T531) to factory settings. The Samsung has some best smartphones under every category like small sized, phablet and the tablet. The smartphones from Samsung have a large user base across the globe because of their

How to Hard Reset Huawei Ascend P6

The rise of android era has not only lured the users, but the manufacturers too to play the game of smartphone war on the global scale. The companies like Oppo, Huawei and many others are coming up with some quality android phones these days. The Huawei Ascend P6 is one of the phones which have

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Core

The Samsung Galaxy series is the most purchased phone series in the smartphone world. The Galaxy series of the Samsung has almost every phone under it from the Samsung. The small sized, phablet sized and tablet sized phones are available under this flagship series. The Galaxy core is one of the smartphones which has found

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia M

Sony with its some high end android smartphone is giving the challenge to its contemporaries like Samsung, Nokia, HTC and others. The phones from Sony are not less good than others in the market, but, have exceptional camera quality too. The Xperia Z, M, C and other have a good user base across the globe.

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung is now ruling the smartphone world due to its exquisite and extra-smartphones. The company is truly a pioneer for the high end phones in the android market. The Galaxy series, which features two of its main flagship models, namely S and Note are most famous. The Note 3 which is phablet sized phone