How to hard reset Nokia XL

Nokia, the once mobile king, has been losing its charm for past some time now, especially the day since Android started getting popular. To be back into old days, Nokia has made thousands of efforts so far, and one pretty impressive out of them is the launch of Android based smartphones by the company. Nokia XL is one such Android device by Nokia, which has got good response so far. It’s been long since the device hit the market, and I’m sure many out of you own it. Those who do, must keep reading ahead to know the best ways to hard reset Nokia XL.

Well, there may be many reasons why one would need to reset one’s device. The common reason is always with the performance issue. Whether this is the cause for you, or anything else, this article is meant to help you out with the hard reset process.

hard reset nokia xl

Hard Reset Nokia XL

Let’s start with the simplest process itself. You can use the physical keys of your Nokia XL to perform the hard reset. Below are the detailed steps.

Note: Before you perform hard reset, make sure to take backup of entire data.

  •     First of all, switch off your Nokia XL device.
  •     Now press the volume up and power buttons together. Once you see Nokia Logo on the screen, release the Power key. Yes, the Power key only. Keep pressing the Volume Up key.
  •     You will soon come across many options. Use the Volume keys to navigate to the factory reset option.
  •     After highlighting the option, press the Power key to select it.
  •     Now highlight the ‘yes’ option by using Volume keys, and confirm this option by pressing Power button.
  •     Press Power key once again to confirm the reboot process.
  •     The Hard Reset process will start now and will take a few minutes to complete.

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Menu Option

If you did not like the above method for one reason or the other, then do follow the below provided steps to perform the Hard Reset on your Nokia XL.

  •     Go to the home screen of your Nokia device and tap the ‘settings’ icon there.
  •     Out of all options available in the Settings section, select backup and reset.
  •     Tap on Reset Phone option now.
  •     Confirm the selection in the next step to initiate the hard reset process which will take a few minutes to complete.

That’s all done! If you are looking for any further assistance, do hit the below comment box with your queries.

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