How To Hard Reset HTC Desire 816

The HTC launched its new compact featured phone Desire 816. The phone has got some decent specifications like a 1.6 GHz processor, 8 GB internal memory, 13 MP camera, 5 MP front camera, latest android OS and many more.

The price for the Desire 816 is around US $ 400 which I guess is not much to invest in the brand called HTC. The phone is very good with all the touch and apps, but the android makes a hole in security and thus virus can damage your phones easily but the hard reset can do the trick for you.

HTC Desire 816

Here below are some methods which can be used for the hard reset of the HTC Desire 816.

The Menu

Every smartphone in the world has the in-build menu for the hard reset. The below steps will guide you into the method.

  • Stop whatever you’re doing on your Desire 816 and head to the Home screen.
  • Slide the notification panel and tap on settings.
  • Under the settings, choose backup and reset.
  • Select reset phone.
  • Now, tap on erase all data.
  • If you’re fully sure about performing the hard reset, then press Ok in the next step.

The final ok tap will start the hard reset process and in a few minutes you’ll get your Desire 816 with all changes undone.

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Hardware Hard Reset

If the above method is too long or hard to practice for you, then you can follow the 2nd method of hard reset which is as below.

  • First of all switch of your Desire 816 before pressing and holding the volume down button.
  • With the volume down button holding, press and hold the power key too.
  • Release the keys after the android logo appears on the screen.
  • Now make the selection of option hard reset using the volume keys.
  • Press the power button to confirm your selection.

After the final selection or power button pressing, the hard reset process will start and will take a few minutes for completion.

P.S. – The only thing which you need to keep in mind while performing any one of the above method is to keep the phone at least half charged to avoid any mid process interruptions and to keep a backup of the data you want again after hard reset.

The HTC Desire is no doubt a good phone by looking at its specification, but the real reviews will come when it’ll hit the market and users will abuse it. So, if you’re going to buy and this phone and abuse it, then the above methods will be very helpful for you.


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