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How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

The Samsung now apparently has more galaxies than the universe with its never ending Galaxy series of smartphones. The Galaxy curve, grand, S, Note, Star and many other hot smartphones are available under this flagship series. The Galaxy Grand and Grand 2 were the hit among the users because of their stylish looks, features, camera

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Core

The Samsung Galaxy series is the most purchased phone series in the smartphone world. The Galaxy series of the Samsung has almost every phone under it from the Samsung. The small sized, phablet sized and tablet sized phones are available under this flagship series. The Galaxy core is one of the smartphones which has found

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung is now ruling the smartphone world due to its exquisite and extra-smartphones. The company is truly a pioneer for the high end phones in the android market. The Galaxy series, which features two of its main flagship models, namely S and Note are most famous. The Note 3 which is phablet sized phone

How To Hard Reset Galaxy S5

The Samsung launched its much anticipated Galaxy series phone S5 on the 24th February in Barcelona, Spain. The Galaxy S5 is no doubt a classy phone with all the touch of extra smartness from Samsung. Meanwhile, the phone will make the public appearance on a larger scale on 11th April. The customers are waiting for